I’ve been doing two-a-days for a month now. Every body part trained twice a week, once heavy and once light. I like the results I’m seeing and I hope the next set of measurements turns out to be evidence that this program has been effective. But something is always sore. And it was really tough to keep to this program last week when I was working the new job at the gym.

Yesterday, I told Adam that the soreness is getting to be worrisome. He suggested that I might not be able to continue with the two-a-days and, knowing me, assured me that it’s OK – a lot of people can’t handle them.
Yeah, but I’m not a mere mortal. I’m SuperGirl. I can do anything I decide to do.
This morning, after nine hours of sleep, I thought I’d feel refreshed and ready for heavy chest/light back day. No. First time in recent memory when I wasn’t excited to lift. I had a headache. I was sore. I wasn’t in a hurry to get to the gym, so I did some chores at home. To be fair, I worked/worked out all last week, so I missed being home. Once I got to the gym, I stalled. I visited. I did some maintenance stuff in the locker room. I took a little longer to warm up on the treadmill and spent about 15 minutes stretching and warming up my shoulder. (Not that the stretching was stalling. I need to spend more time stretching.)
First chest exercise to be done was flat bench presses with the Smith machine. A warm up set with just the bar helped me analyze a form change for my right arm to minimize stress on the shoulder. OK, cool. Threw on a couple 10 lb plates for another warm up set. Surprisingly, I felt good. Threw on another 20 pounds and the chest felt great. Let’s go! Apparently, Ms. Pectoralis was not cc’d on the memo about being tired and sore. I kept adding weight and the sets were great. I had planned on only doing four sets of bench presses. I did six. Went on to do dumbell presses, dumbell flyes, and finished with 100 incline push ups. I’ve avoided pushups for a long time now because of the shoulder. Ms. Pectoralis was insistent that she would be able to protect Mr. Whiny Shoulder. She did.
So what helps me get over being sore and tired from lifting?… LIFTING. Hair of the dog. I’m addicted to the endorphins. I’m addicted to the feeling of pushing against a weight that feels like it might not move…and then it does. Ten more times. Bliss.
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