I haven’t written in a long time. Been pretty busy. I started my new uber-part-time desk job at the gym. But this week wasn’t really uber-part time. I was covering for the guy covering for the overnight guy on vacation. I like it a lot. I like talking to the members and getting to know them a little better. I think most recognize me as a fellow member and that’s been an interesting conversation topic. One woman who has usually been cold and off-putting during workouts, hung out with me when I was stocking the vending machine. We had a great conversation.
Out of nine days, I’ve worked eight of them. Almost 40 hours all together. Most of the shifts were 6 hours long. A couple were 5 hours and a couple are 8 hours. And I’m still working out twice a day, usually once before work and once after. On Sundays, my work shift is 2 pm until 10 pm, so my two workouts happen consecutively before work. The job isn’t tough, but it does require a lot of standing. I need to take a break after my shift to eat and put my feet up a little before I do the next workout. This routine has made the days very long.

I’m a little tired.
And I’m a little sore.
I’m trying not to think about how tired and sore I’m going to be when school starts again and I will be teaching, keeping the workout routine I’ve got now, and working the part time job on weekends. I will be working seven days a week and working out 12 times a week. Wow. Life as a teacher/bodybuilder in a crappy economy.
I feel like I’m making progress with the bodybuilding. Weight is slowly increasing. So is the calorie burn. Those two things together would imply that there is muscle growth. Kind of tricky to manage that without gaining fat. I’m eating a lot – A LOT. Sometimes more than I want. Read an article today in a muscle magazine about how eating is like training to bodybuilders. We have to eat A LOT. But it has to be clean food. It would be easier to get 500 calories in the system if I ate nachos, but nachos have too much fat. 500 calories of yams is a lot of yams. Avocados were added into the menu this evening. I love avocados so I’m a super happy camper. But I can’t have too many because of the fat.
And all of this food needs to be packed and hauled into work. I’m eating at least every two hours. Sometimes hourly. To build muscle, I have to stay 100-200 calories ahead of my burn. Had to buy a bigger lunch box. When I say “all this food”, I’m talking about 3000-3500 calories a day. My basal calorie requirement is probably around 2000 now. It was 1400 when I was 198 pounds, 45% body fat. Two workouts a day, plus standing most of the time in between those workouts, is upping the calorie burn a little bit. Life is going to be really sucky when I have to start cutting. I’m going to miss my bedtime PBJ’s the most.
So to my eight followers (and I have a hunch Adam doesn’t read my blogs anymore, so there are probably only seven of you now) you are up to speed. I’m working hard, but not working my butt off. No sir. The butt, she’s still growing and cramping, which is her way of bitching about the workload, I think. Poor glutes get worked everyday in some way. Even during arm workouts. Not sure how she gets worked, but the butt cramps after an arm workout. I think she is just a whiner like me. 🙂
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