A couple weeks ago, the trainer says “we’re going to do a new exercise and it will be awesome”. Lunges aren’t new. I’ve done parking lot lunges for months – with and without weight. I’ve done lunges in the gym, short ones, medium ones, long ones. So I’m game. New lunges? Whatever. Bring it.

After doing it once, I named this exercise “Death Lunges” or “Death by Lunges” or “Lunges from Hell”. Five sets of weighted lunges, 25 steps, each set with heavier weight, starting with the 10 lbs dumbbells and working up to the 35 pound dbs. The last set is to be done with only body weight. Hard enough, but there is no break between sets when I’m with the trainer. He followed me with the next set of dumbbells. When I work alone, I walk back to the starting point where I have all the dumbbells laid out. Sure, I’m cheating. I could place dumbbells on both sides of the gym. It doesn’t really matter. It hurts anyway. I’ve done this exercise three times. It’s getting easier. At first I started taking little breaks to catch my breath during the 25 pound sets. Today, I only needed one break during the 30 pound set and two during the 35 pound set. Before this, the heaviest barbell I ever used with lunges was 60 pounds. Now I’m doing lunges with 70 pounds.

And this is the second to last exercise in my quad workout.

The quad workout today…

  • FST-7 on leg extension – 45 lbs x 7 sets with 10 second breaks
  • Smith Machine Squats – 5 sets ending at 165 pounds for 10 reps
  • Hack Squats (very slow reps) – 90, 80, 70 x 10 each superset with narrow feet
  • Hack Squats (very slow reps) – 90, 80, 70 x 10 each superset with wide feet
  • Death Lunges
  • FST-7 on leg extension – 45/30 pounds x 7 sets with 10 second breaks.

Walking was slooowww when this was done.

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