Without going into details, things at home are strained. On a scale of 1 to 10 for stress and chaos, I’d put last Wednesday, my last rest day, at a 10. I have a goal – start competing next year in natural bodybuilding. But there are weeks, like this one, when working out is my escape. I’m working towards something and running away from something else simultaneously. I lost my focus a couple of times during workouts this last week, but for the most part, I transformed the negativity into determination and had what could be the best lifting week so far.

I’m doing two-a-days, working each body part twice a week, one time heavy and one time light. Abs and calves are supposed to happen everyday, but in reality, they happen every other day. This last week, I also wanted to increase the number of sets done for each body part. Here are my totals…

Back = 50 sets

Chest = 50 sets

Legs = 56 sets…PR’s set for squat and RDL

Arms = 50 sets

Shoulders = 39 sets (working around an old shoulder injury)

Just finished the last exercise for this week (rest on Wednesdays) about 3 hours ago. I’m tired. Tired right down to my bones. But things at home are still strained and the rest day I need is probably not going to happen because I’ll be home all day in the thick of it. At least no emotional rest.

Oh well. It’s quiet right now. Maybe I’ll take a couple Advil PMs and go to bed early and try to sleep in. I think that will make me emotionally stronger to handle the day tomorrow if it’s not good. But I’m hoping for the best.

Sorry. I’m not a funny blog writer. I’m really just recording the journey.

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