BEWARE! Here comes some math…

Using the bodybugg, I can calculate total calories burned for any time period on any day that I was wearing it. So I did some research.

On July 5, 2010 (last summer), I weighed 155 pounds and had about 30% bodyfat. So I had 108.5 pounds of lean body mass. On that day, I did a cardio workout at the gym. Over a 90 min period, I burned 344 calories.
Today, July 3, 2011, I weigh 150 pounds and have about 20% bodyfat. I now have 120 pounds of lean body mass. During a 90 min period lifting at the gym today (no cardio), I burned 552 calories.
So over the last year, while the change in my weight is only 5 pounds, the change in my lean body mass is almost 12 pounds. The difference in calorie burn is 208 calories. That’s almost 140 calories an hour more that I burn now lifting weights than I did last year doing cardio.
Wow! Muscles really do suck up a lot of calories.
And I’m gaining weight on purpose, which is kind of fun. I want the body fat to drop slowly, but the muscles need to grow. If the amount of fat I’m carrying stays the same, that’s OK for now. I’ve got plenty of time.
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