Today is a my rest day so I just reviewed my training book to see what I accomplished this last week. I worked each body part twice during the week.

Total Sets (set = 10 reps, usually)
Hamstrings: 27
Quads: 32
Back: 47
Chest: 25
Biceps: 23
Triceps: 21
Shoulders: 36

Max weights this week for certain exercises
Smith Machine Squat: 155 lbs for 10 reps
Hack Squat (wide feet): 130 for 10
Hack Squat (narrow feet): 110 for 10
Romanian Dead Lift (RDL): 145 lbs for 10 reps (super proud of this one)
Regular Dead Lifts: 135 for 10 reps
Leg Curl: 90 lbs for 7 reps
Bench Press: 105 for 6 reps (with a spot)
Smith Machine Shoulder Press: 115 for 10 by myself, 120 for 8 with spot
Skull Crusher: 60 lbs for 7 reps

This is the first time I analyzed my training log like this. I’m not training to be a power lifter, so the actual weights don’t matter as much as the muscular development and symmetry of that development. But the weights moved is data. Sets done per muscle group is data. Measurements are data. If the max weights are increasing, the muscles are repairing themselves well. That’s important. If a muscle group seems to be lagging, I can see what’s going on with the number of sets and adjust.

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