Last winter I quit using lifting gloves. “Finally. Real bodybuilders don’t use gloves.” said Trainer Adam (or something like that). I may not remember exactly what he said but I remember positive reinforcement for losing the gloves. There are a few exercises that are still a little hard to do with my bare hands, so I use those cute little pink grip pads or straps.

I’m proud of these calluses. They represent the hours, days, weeks, and months of training. They make my grip a little stronger. I rub them. I peel them. I love these calluses.
Today was a good day. Leg day. Light hamstrings this morning didn’t feel like much, but the hammies started screaming a little when the heavy quad workout started in the afternoon. The quad workout was amazing. I died a couple times. Ended on my back on the floor trying to catch my breath from a new evil-brutal dumbbell lunge exercise.
And I made-over my new training book. It’s amazing how doing something like that helps me focus on my goal – COMPETE.
Head is back in the game. I’m back. (That didn’t take long.)
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