Today, I got a DXA (Dual X-ray Absorptiometry) scan. It provides an assessment of body composition and bone density. It shows where the body fat is stored and how much is there. It’s supposed to be the most accurate body fat measurement available. It also assesses risk for cardiovascular disease.

I’m very pleased with the results. I had no flags for cardiovascular disease. Excellent! That is certainly NOT where I was in June 2009. My bones are wonderfully normal so there appears to be no risk for osteoporosis even though I’m about two years into menopause.
Best part…body fat percentage is 19.8% even though I’ve gained 13 pounds since March! My body fat number a month ago was 25%, but that one was done with calipers. I know I didn’t lose much fat or gain that much muscle in the last month, so I want Adam to do the caliper check again soon so we can calibrate the two methods. But I know I’m gaining muscle. I can feel it. My joints are feeling it because the tendons are lagging behind the muscle growth a little bit.
Overall, I’m very pleased. A year from now I will need to stop building and start cutting. If the body fat number keeps dropping slowly and steadily all year, the cutting phase will be a lot easier.
Another big milestone reached today. Yesterday, Adam (using his really serious trainer voice) said “It’s time. Go get a lifting belt.” OMG! I’ve graduated to a whole new level of weight training. I think the weight belt should have been presented to me in some kind of ceremony. I know my form is good and I know my core is pretty strong. But I’m lifting heavier weights now and I am learning how to breathe differently to increase abdominal pressure to help lift those heavier weights. The belt also increases abdominal pressure. Stabilizes the back, too. At the sports gear store there was a pink girly one. Almost… but no. When I was looking at the belts, an older gentleman who works there came over and said – as if he was reading my mind – “It’s not about about comfort. It’s about stability. And you won’t know you like it until you workout with it a few times. Bring it back in 30 days if you don’t like it.” So I got a black leather belt. It’s very stiff and needs to be broken in. It’s not comfortable. Adam will be happy because it’s not pink. I still have my pink grip pads. Love them. Once I know I’m keeping that belt, maybe I’ll get some glitter paint and fix it up. 😉
I’m “resting” for a few days. I’ll still workout, but only once a day and with lighter weights. It’s the first week of summer vacation and I want to be home. Our poor house is looking scruffy. Needs scraping and painting.
Oh yeah. I still have scoliosis. That’s a creepy to look at. It amuses me to think about how the doctors pulled me out of athletics in high school because of that back. Maybe I shouldn’t be amused. Maybe I’m 25 years behind in my bodybuilding career because of it? No worries. I’m having a blast now. Previous life doesn’t matter unless I decide it does.
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