When I was fat, I used to get a sick a lot. And there were times when I didn’t mind it. I thought it was God’s way of getting me to slow down and relax. As if I looked like this because I moved around too much? No, I worked too much. Getting sick was a stress release. I welcomed the excused to take a day off.

But I don’t need that anymore. I release stress everyday, twice a day. This last week was #100 of my program and now I look like this…

Until a few weeks ago, I had not missed a workout. Then, I had to a miss a couple workouts for AP test prep – ok. But I haven’t been sick in… I don’t know when I was sick last. It’s been more than a year for sure.
Until this week. And it’s a nasty little bug, too. I missed one workout on Friday and both workouts yesterday. Today is Sunday and that’s a scheduled rest day. I still can’t get good sleep because of my shoulder, my hot flashes, and now I’ve got congestion. Sweet.
Let’s just say it. I’m going to be the biggest bitch on the planet if I can’t get my routine back. I worked through the early stages of this junk, but I didn’t get everything done this week I wanted to get done. And then it hit hard and I’ve lost 3 workouts in two days. I feel like a slug and I feel like I’m losing muscle. Probably not true – I’m consuming enough calories and the macro-nutrient percentages are pretty good.
While I’m being forced to rest, I should do some research. Look at posing routines, reread nutritional stuff, look for new exercises, etc. I’m also going to get better drugs. I’m not going to wait days for this crud to clear out.
Oh well. I’m not training for any “Ms. Congeniality” competition. My hunch is that most bodybuilders get frustrated when stuff goes wrong. I’m learning.
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