For the last month, my daily goal was to GROW. To grow, I needed to lift twice day and lift as much as I could handle for 8-12 reps, five sets. I was also told to cut the cardio down to once or twice a week and make that cardio low intensity. So no more running. Just walking on the treadmill or using the elliptical. And (this is the best part), I had to eat 100-200 calories AHEAD of my burn all day long. Since I can’t eat while sleeping, I had to estimate the number of calories I would burn during that time and eat them before I went to bed. From the time I go to bed until I wake up, I need 500 calories. My new bedtime “snack” is a protein shake made with 16 oz of soy or almond milk and more yummy yams. I think yams taste like pumpkin pie, so I’m lovin’ life right now. Milk and pie before bed. Who would have thunk it two years ago when I started all of this? After two years of losing weight, this plan was a little scary at first, but I got used to it. Fast. I still eat clean – mostly – but I’m eating all day long and loving it. I even eat while working out. The bodybugg is an excellent tool for this.

New measurements today showed that I’ve gained 7 pounds of lean body mass in a month!? Some of that is water, but there’s muscle there, too. When I started using the bodybugg, I weighed 192 pounds and my lean body mass was 107.5 pounds. Today I weighed 147 pounds and my lean mass was 109.8 pounds. After I lost a lot of weight, my lowest weight on the last day of December was 136.6 pounds and my lean body mass was 97.65 pounds. That’s a 12 pound gain in lbm in 5 months. Sure there’s water, but I have to think there was always water, so the difference has to be muscle. Right? Body fat went up 1.25% in the last month, too. Not surprised. I’ve been cheating a little bit since I spent Jan, Feb, March eating very clean. I’m not worried. I know I can get a handle on the food.
Sweet. I’m pleased. And still highly motivated. My new goal is to gain more muscle mass so my weight will get up to 150 pounds. If I keep eating clean and continue the program Trainer Adam has designed, body fat will drop. I have another year of this ‘bulking up’ phase. It’s going to be awesome!
Tomorrow, I’m going to try new recipes I found for clean protein bars. Lemon and carrot cake flavors. Yeah! More food!!
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