Week #97 is totally out of balance. It’s whack, actually. Not going well at all – at least not at the gym.

Calculus is my major distraction. My calculus class is taking the Advanced Placement exam next week. Most of these kids took my precalculus class last year, so I’ve been preparing them for this exam for two years. Crunch time. I’ve had to miss a couple of workouts to have study sessions. Trainer Adam needed to reschedule a couple of afternoon sessions, so the timing is good. But my brain is distracted. My routines are disrupted. Hate that.
To add injury to insult, my right shoulder has stepped up to replace “stupid-little-back-muscle” as a major source of pain. When I lay down, it hurts like crazy. I haven’t slept normally for two weeks. Any ‘pressing’ exercise aggravates it. And MOST upper body exercises involve pressing, so it’s really hard to work around the stupid shoulder. It was completely flared up yesterday and Trainer Adam had to improvise a chest workout with bands so I could get something done.
I’m sleepy. Tomorrow, Saturday, I have to fit in two workouts and run a study session in between. And I just realized I don’t have any food packed – probably don’t have any food to pack. Awesome. I have to get up that much earlier. On a Saturday. Oh well. After Wednesday’s AP exam, life may get back to ‘crazy normal’.
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