So said an older gentleman to me tonight after watching me do walking lunges with a 30-lb barbell. I got the impression that he thought big legs were not a good thing.

“That’s the plan.” I replied.
“Really? Why?” He seemed confused.
“Because I’m training for a competition next year.”
“Well, it’s working.” he said. Was that a compliment? No matter. I thanked him and continued on my way.
It amuses me to think about that exchange considering that the 30-lb barbell felt light and I thought about using heavier weight. I decided to stick with the lighter weight since I just finished four sets of front squats with 65 pounds and five sets of leg presses with 270 pounds. I ended up doing the lunges for 4 lengths of the gym and when I was finished, my quads were so pumped that they didn’t work very well with my unpumped hamstrings when I walked to the water fountain.
Then a second guy… “You’re really strong for a girl your size.”
“You’re doing really well.” Ok, he’s actually trying to be nice and doesn’t appear to be freaked out. Same guy walking into the club yesterday as I was walking out. “Done early?” he asked. “Yeah – this was a light workout this afternoon. Had a tough one this morning.” “You work out twice a day?” he asked surprised. “Yup. See ya!” and I headed to the car.
All in all, I like the afternoon gym guys better than the one annoying morning guy.
Morning guy…”You’re doing it wrong. And your trainer doesn’t know what he’s doing. I met Arnold once so I know EVERYTHING about bodybuilding.” Ok – I made up that last part, but he does say he knows Arnold and implies that means he knows everything.
I think the guys are just curious and I’ve been around long enough now that they are used to seeing me there. Most ignore me. If a couple want to visit, I won’t mind chatting a little between sets. But if it gets to be intrusive, I’ll start using the hat signal. Apparently, wearing a hat and headphones is the universal signal for “leave me alone”. I’m already using that signal in the morning. Morning guy asks “What’s with the hat?” I say, “It’s so you won’t bug me” and walk away.
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