Finally – I’ve been waiting for this a long time. This was my first week of real “two-a-days”. I used to do cardio in the mornings and lifted after work. Doing things that way, I worked each body part once a week. Now instead of the cardio in the morning, I’m lifting. Working each body part twice a week, but not twice on the same day. Here is what I did this week…

Monday: Chest/back
Tuesday: Shoulders/Arms
Wednesday: Quads/hamstrings, calves
Thursday: Back/chest
Friday: Arms/shoulders
Saturday (later today): all legs
Each lifting session was at least 20 sets. (I did more sometimes.) So each body part got at least 40 sets of work done this week. That’s twice as much lifting.
I didn’t do any cardio this week so I could get an idea of what my calorie burn would be with just lifting. My daily burn goal is 2400. Trainer Adam also asked me to keep the deficits low – that means I was supposed to eat what I burned. This week’s burns were…
Monday: 2797 (709 deficit – oops! I wasn’t with the program yet.)
Tuesday: 2325 (23 deficit)
Wednesday: 2382 (211 deficit)
Thursday: 2488 (195 deficit)
Friday: 2701 (125 deficit)
Food was mostly clean, but there was a candy problem on Wed, Thu, and Friday. Found the last stash in my classroom. Kids ate most of it for me. I had to finish it off. Added an extra 200 calories a day, I think. Never ended the day with a surplus of calories, but I would have little surpluses during the day as I ate ahead of my burn. Feed the hungry muscles!
I’m not sure what to make of any of this. I’m really good at losing weight, so this “eat your burn” plan is different. Kind of fun, but it’s also freaking me out a little. I gained a couple of pounds this week, but I also bought a new pair of shorts in a size 6. SIZE 6?!!??!! I’ve never been a size 6 in my entire adult life. I thought size 8 was going to be it.
I’m assuming the extra weight is water retention from the double lifting. And I was really sore this week and I haven’t had that kind of soreness in months. So I think I need to make some adjustments. a) I need more sleep now that I’m on “two-a-days”. Six hours a night is not going to be enough for my body to recuperate. And b) I need to drink at least a gallon of water a day to flush out the toxins in the muscles. That much water will also help me not retain water. Body holds onto it unless there is a lot coming into the system.
This is the last week before the “after picture” is done for the contest. Gaining weight right now is bothersome. Oh well. I do what I’m told. It’s worked so far. Other than the workouts, my plan for next week to get ready for the picture is to clean up the diet – it will be perfect. Increase the water and the sleep. Nicole is set to fix the roots in my hair. I want to get a light spray tan, too. That’s going to be fun and different. I’m excited to finish this contest and looking forward to being done with it.
I’ve also decided that I still need my trainer. I started the week strong, but wasn’t pushing myself very hard yesterday. I’m not mentally tough enough to do this on my own – yet. Soon, but not yet. Yesterday was really hard. And today, I’m beat. We are training later today and I’m perfectly happy sitting on my tiny, size 6 ass until it’s time to go to the gym. If we didn’t have a training appointment today, I’d probably find a reason to not do it today. I know that when compared to a normal person, working out 10 times in 5 days may seem like I’m tough enough, but that’s not the appropriate frame of reference. I’m playing in a new playground now. Growing muscle is hard. I forget that the most important reps are the ones I don’t want to do at the end of a set. I have to learn how to push myself through workouts 9 and 10 better than I did yesterday.
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