I eat basically the same thing everyday. I may change the carb/protein combos, but for the last two weeks, this was a normal day, Monday-Friday…

Wake up = coffee with sugar-free creamer, an apple or wheat bread with 1 tablespoon of almond butter
After morning workout = protein shake with a banana
Breakfast = 8 oz fish, 1/4 cup white rice
Mid morning snack = protein shake
Lunch = 3.5 oz chicken breast, 8 oz baked potato
Mid afternoon snack = scrambled egg whites and/or an apple and/or Apex bar
Post afternoon workout = protein shake and another banana
Dinner = 3.5 oz chicken, 4-5 oz of yams, 5 oz spaghetti squash (or broccoli), tangerine
Bedtime snack = protein shake
This menu works out to be around 43% protein, 42% carbs, and 15% fat, plus or minus a couple percentage points in each category.
I like this food. Last week was the first week with the increased protein percentage and it was a little rough, but this week has been great. Until today. Today, I had to proctor the SAT exam from 7:30 until 1 pm, head to the gym right away to train, and then I had to buy groceries. I didn’t get home until almost 7 pm. I didn’t plan the food properly. I ran out of cooked chicken yesterday and only had a little bit of of fish. So when I packed my lunch box this morning for the day, it was loaded with carbs, not enough protein. I felt queasy all day and I ran out of gas after lifting. Today’s breakdown = 29% protein, 50% carbs, and 21% fat. Definitely felt the missing protein.
When I go back and look at this last week, I ate a lot of calories on several days. Felt good and except for today, the percentages were good, but a couple hundred extra calories too high. The problem is those mid morning and mid afternoon meals. I might have to pack those like I pack breakfast and lunches. I have some extra food at work – baby carrots, Wasa crisps and almond butter. If I still feel hungry, I snack on those. Last week, I was hungry a lot and snacked a little too much. I also need a little more variety. This week, I’m going to cycle in scrambled egg whites, tomatoes, and romaine salads.
Started craving bacon a couple of days ago when I saw a photograph of it. I don’t remember the last time I ate bacon. I can’t tell you when I last ate a cookie. Or pie. Or a piece of cake. Candy is a little tougher for me to give up. I’ve got it down to a few pieces of peppermints a week. Cheese is gone, except for cottage cheese, but let’s be serious – who counts cottage cheese as cheese?
Is it worth it? Damn right. When the food is right, I feel great. The food is everything.
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