I took today off from work. Last week, the plan was to sleep in. But plans change. Yesterday, I decided that sleeping is NOT what I needed this morning. Yesterday was a rest day. I felt great last night. SLBM wasn’t bothering me at all. So I was up at 5 am and at the gym by 6 am, and I did 6.28 miles on the treadmill. I ran in intervals, but I still can’t run more than I fast walk, so it took about an hour and a half. Longest distance I’ve ever done. Ever.

Home for a couple of hours to eat and write an algebra test.
Back to the gym at noon to train with Adam for a chest workout. He showed me how to do “real” push ups today. Hard, hard, hard. But good. When I lift, I get the most out of it if I close my eyes and focus on the muscles I’m supposed to be working. Adam does a great job of helping me do that when I’m wobbling around physically and mentally. After chest, he stretched me. Today, it was the most painful stretching session ever. I think the 6.28 miles caused that.
Took a little break, ate a chicken breast, and visited with Chris at the front desk. Then back to work. Rear delt dumbell lifts went very well. Inner/outer thighs were OK. For abs, I followed orders and just did crunches and leg lifts – nothing “twisty” to aggravate the SLBM. To finish the day, 45 minutes on the elliptical.
When I got home, I had about an hour of food prep to do for the week. Finishing the day watching a movie with Paul. I’m beat. I’ll sleep well. And I’m already a little excited about getting up early for the am workout and looking forward to the back workout in the afternoon. Pull ups!!!! Love ’em!
That was my 49th birthday. If things go as planned, my 50th will be better. Can’t wait. That’s right – I said I “can’t wait” for my 50th birthday.
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