Monday is my 49th birthday. It’s hard to deny that I’m “middle-aged”. Physically, I feel wonderful. Yes, I need glasses now. And there are hot flashes and mood swings, but not if I eat clean and exercise every day. The hair is gray and the boobs are saggy. And if my daily routines are disrupted, I forget things, become disorganized, and get frustrated. And I believe my age has given me permission to be cranky at times and more outspoken than ever – which is a little scary considering I’m outspoken by nature. Setting a goal for when I’m 50 has made me look forward to this birthday and excited for the next one.

Workouts getting tough, but going well. After the “heavy phase” (5 reps, heavy weights), comes the “15-phase”. The weights are lighter and I do 15 reps, 3-5 sets. I read up on this a little and I think this kind of work will stimulate more growth hormone so I will be able to add more muscle. That’s a good thing. But these long sets are brutal. And I think there are two more weeks of this. I also got my new Nike sensor so I’m highly motivated to run/walk as many miles as I can manage each morning. I accumulated 30+ miles this week. It’s fun. But I’m not sure I should be running/walking every day. It’s a little tough on the bod.

By Thursday of this last week, I was pretty beaten up. I injured and re-injured a small muscle along the right side of my spine. (SLMB = Stupid Little Back Muscle) The pain from that, plus the normal pain from workouts, was a little intense. Sarah, the athletic trainer at school, let me wear a muscle stimulator unit all day on Friday. What a wonderful little device! It took care of the back pain almost immediately. A good night’s sleep on Friday night, and I felt great. I’m still a little protective of my back, but I was able to get through a leg workout this morning. No dead lifts, though. That’s how I pulled the stupid little back muscle in the first place.
Other than the SLBM, I’m happy with the program Adam has worked up for me. I’m learning a lot and like the results. I’m always impatient and push myself. Pain fades. I still look forward to the next workout. I love starting and ending my day with exercise.
Next blog… the characters at the gym.
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