I’ve been using the Bodybugg for 85 weeks. From the beginning, Coach Kim taught me to have a day every so often when I ate whatever I wanted – without guilt. Just log it all and get back on the plan the next day. I used to have to have one of those days each week. In the last 6 months, I’ve been able to go several weeks without one. But I had one last Saturday and I’m having one today.
Today’s treats include Twizzlers, Valentine’s Day conversation hearts, chicken and spinach lasagna, and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s carrot cake ice cream. Trick is to buy the smallest containers of these things. The lasagna was only big enough for Paul and I to each have 2 pieces. The ice cream was in a pint. I poured out the number of candy hearts I would eat and sealed up the rest and stuck them out of sight. Even so, it’s a lot of calories. Always more than most people realize. As I write this, I’m at a 1100 calorie surplus for the day. I would normally be at a 500-700 calorie deficit right now.
I will probably feel crappy tomorrow. I call it a carb hangover. The best part of a carb hangover is how it reminds me that all of this yummy food is toxic. The headache is already starting. But still I need to indulge sometimes. Just not often. I’m not lifting tomorrow, but I will get a cardio done. That will help with the hangover and burn some calories. And Tippy will need a good, long walk anyway.
Workouts are going well. Finished the heavy weight phase last week and started the phase Trainer Adam called “the 15’s”. During the heavy phase, I lifted as heavy as I could handle for 5 reps on each exercise. This week, I lifted a percentage of that heavy number for 15 reps. Other than the “I Eat Whatever I Want” days, I’ve done a good job with the food. Nutrients are balanced and I’ve been getting protein when I need it to keep the muscles growing. There are visible changes. I’m getting leaner in some areas and the muscles are looking pretty. I’ve read the book “Nutrient Timing” once, but need to read it again. Tons of good info.
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