Measurements last Saturday. Here are the results for the past month:

Total weight loss was 4 pounds.
Total fat loss was calculated by the Bodybugg program to be 5.77 pounds, so I also gained some muscle. The body fat measurement taken with skinfolds was a little higher than the one calculated by the program using measurements. Just saying that I’m not 100% sure about the 5.77 number. Bodyfat percentage is somewhere between 24% and 29% depending on the method used to calculate it.
Total inches lost = 7.9 (measurements taken from neck, check, upper arm, forearm, waist, hips, thigh, and calf) I’m pretty happy about this.
I’m in the final 6-8 weeks of fat loss now. Once the bodyfat percentage is down to about 17-20%, I’ll be able to cut back on cardio and work on building more muscle. At that point, there will be about 18 months left before I want to be ready to compete. Plenty of time, I hope.
I’m having so much fun. I’m smiling a lot. There are a few bad days, but not that many. There is rarely a day when something isn’t sore. But it’s a good pain. I’m stronger. I’m happy. I have almost no menopause symptoms anymore. I think that is due to the exercise and the Chinese herbs. Or I could just be so tired that I sleep through the hot flashes.
In the past, when my goal was to lose weight, it didn’t work. Now, I’m focused on doing something else – bodybuilding – and the weight loss is just part of that process, but not the only part. My size and how I look is a side-effect of the training.
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