I’m starting to loose enough fat to start seeing muscles. Found the beginnings of a deltoid in the bathroom mirror. Here’s what I did this week…
Sunday: Rest & planning day. I cook and pack all breakfasts and lunches for the week since these are the meals I eat away from home. If I have time, I like to cook up something for suppers, too. I didn’t have time this Sunday. Too much grading & lesson planning to get done on this day, too. I did bake a bunch of potatoes and Paul made a killer batch of chili.

Monday: Cardio am and pm after work. Tried my first HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) in the pm. I didn’t do it very well, but I liked it. Worth trying again. http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/fitness_articles.asp?id=621

Tuesday: Quads, abs & shoulders am; cardio pm. Felt a small ting in my back today after abs. Nothing serious and it didn’t hurt – yet.
Wednesday: Chest, back, biceps, triceps am; cardio pm. New gym bag came today! Very excited to get a new bag that isn’t too small or too big.
Thursday: Cardio am & pm. About 3 pm, back started cramping. That little ting from Tuesday started hurting today. I felt like a workout would loosen things up. Instead of using the treadmill, I used the elliptical machine – lower impact. When I got home, I iced my sore little muscle, stretched, used heat, and went to bed early.
Friday: am – little muscle was still sore so I stretched it with a foam roll. That helped. Did a light cardio on the treadmill alternating between jogging and walking. Worked with Adam in the afternoon. He checked my back and my flexibility before we started. He adjusted the planned workout to be lighter. I did a little hamstring work and some interesting swill ball exercises. It was a little less intense workout to work around the back issue.
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