After a big weight loss last week, I took a rest day and gained back a pound. No worries. I lost it again and a little more.

This is what I did this week. (I’m constructing this from memory – I think I should start taking notes.)

Monday am: Trained with Adam. We did quads and back, I think. I really don’t remember. I just do what he tells me to do. I would have done at least 3 sets per exercise, with reps 15, 12, and 10. Probably three exercises per body part – 9 sets total. I’m lifting heavier weights now, so there is a minute rest between most sets.

Monday pm: Ran on treadmill for 30 min; graded papers on recumbent bike for another hour.

Tuesday am: Ran 2 miles on treadmill – legs were tired so I couldn’t do more than that. Stretched some. It bothered me that I couldn’t do more – no endorphins.

Tuesday pm: Wasn’t feeling well so I went home instead of selling volleyball tickets. Texted Adam and told him I wasn’t coming to the gym. His reply was highly “motivating” and “encouraged” me to do something anyway. (He said I wasn’t sick, just allergic to teenagers. He called me a pansy and told me to go for walk). So I walked Tippy for 45 min. I love that I can’t bullshit him. Whatever works.

Wed am: Back, biceps, and triceps. Apparently the goal was to keep me from using my arms for a couple of days. I mostly recovered, but I have still have some soreness in my right tricep that I only notice when I’m working a mouse.

Wed pm: Treadmill + bike combo again, but today I added some time on the stairclimber because some guy was on my bike. Needed to ice my left knee. Nothing serious, but it pops a little when I run sometimes.

Thursday am: 3 mile run on treadmill! Love it.

Thursday pm: treadmill + bike again. The new Bodybugg arrived today! It communicates with the iPhone instead of the watch display. The Bugg has a few bugs, but I like it.

Friday: Day off from work so I only did one workout. Tippy had a vet appointment in the morning, so he was with me all day when I was at school catching up on some paperwork. By the time I got to the gym in the afternoon, I had 2 hours of walking accumulated. Ran/walked over 3 miles on treadmill. It was hard to do at the end of this day because my feet hurt.

Saturday am: Trained with Adam. Hamstrings – RDLs(Romanian dead lifts), single leg curls, stability ball exercises; Shoulders – barbell front raises, dumbbell lateral raises, barbell overhead presses, machine rear-deltoid laterals, shrugs; Calves: seated calf raise. I just about cried during the shoulder routine. Sure it was hard, but that’s not what got me. I lost my focus in the middle of a set and thought about something that was bugging me for the last few days. Nothing I’m going to mention here, but it wasn’t staying in the little box in my head that I locked it in. Just not a good day, I guess. I wanted to do a cardio after, but I couldn’t run because of the hamstrings that were just worked. I couldn’t get my heart rate up walking unless I increased the incline – which again would trigger the hamstrings and glutes that were tired. A guy was on my favorite bike that was on the other side of the gym from where the school superintendent was working out – which is always my plan when he is there – get to the other side of the gym. So I went home. Not a good day.

Saturday pm: Walked Tippy and he was not walking well, so there was a lot of tugging and correcting. Frustrating.

Sunday: Rest day. Quality cuddling with husband this morning. Exactly what I needed today.

Current weight = 145.6 lbs. My short term goal weight is 139.8 on Dec 19. I think my current program of am/pm workouts will get me there. If I plateau, I’ll do something else to break it. Looking back at my stats, I gained 8 pounds last spring between April and June when I was working out on my own and busy with work. I started working with a trainer in June to stop the slide, set some new big goals, and started this blog to document the process. When Adam increased the activity/burn daily goals, I started the afternoon cardios, and the weight started coming off again.

I’m impatient. I want a low body fat % and I want muscles. I’m sure other folks look at what I’ve done and think – whatever they think. Some don’t get it at all and have given me negative feedback. One good thing about being my age – I care more about what I think than what others think. I’ve been to hell and back a couple of times in my life and have gained a certain amount of perseverance from that. I feel like I waited 25-30 years to do this and I’m in a hurry. My mom died when she was 56. I’m almost 49. I’m not wasting any time and I’m not letting the daily routines get in the way anymore. Menopause sucks – but I’m not letting that get in the way either. Rip the muscle fibers and they grow back stronger. When I run, my heart and lungs get stronger. That’s all I need to remember on the “bad days”.

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