Amazing workouts this week! Since the 5K was done, the weights got heavier and I was supposed to work to muscle exhaustion. Easier to do that with Trainer Adam because he will spot me towards the end. And he pushes me to do a few more than I think I can do. I worked my back by myself today and I did a respectable job on my own.

I can’t describe how much fun this is for me. It is distracting. I feel like I’ve gotten younger, and according to my digital scale, I have. It measures bodyfat and calculates an age estimate. I got it three years ago I’ve been 50 this whole time (I’m really 48). But on Oct 1, I turned 36! That made my day. Going backwards makes anything seem possible.
The week was great, but I’m sore. Hamstrings are the worst, but I’m feeling it in my chest, abs, and back, too. It feels great, but I need to sleep. A lot of sleep. Good night!
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