The 5K is next Sunday and I had a great week of workouts. At the gym every morning by 5 am. I ran on the treadmill on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. On Wednesday, I worked out with Trainer Adam. My energy that morning was low, and even though I whined a little bit, I tried to do everything Adam told me to do. I must have done enough because he needed to spot me to finish my sets. I walked on the treadmill on Friday – when I started to jog, I felt a little pop in my left knee. Decided that since I’m a new runner, it was best not to ignore that. I brought my speed down to 3.5 and cranked the incline up to 8. Still an intense workout.

I think Adam is using the Saturday sessions to do more intense stuff. Makes sense since I get to sleep in a little on Saturday mornings. Today, there was some crazy exercise combining plates and crunches. I couldn’t finish the exercise by myself. Maybe next time. Then there was a bunch of stuff with medicine balls. Loved that. Great outlet to release some work frustrations. We finished with a super set of squats and two low back exercises. But SQUATS!! Finally!!! When I started training with Nico last June, he said I couldn’t do squats until I had more leg strength. My knees wobbled. Today, I only squatted with the bar – no extra weights – but I was excited that Adam let me do it. That means I’m making progress. And no wobbles.
I’ve been questioning my motives for this whole journey. I worry that I’m becoming self-absorbed with my program. I know that most days I’m only motivated to keep endorphins flowing so I won’t feel the menopause-induced depression. But an email and a phone call from a good friend and coach inspired and reminded me of why I’m doing this. I need to prove to myself that I’m not too old to do something bold or too fearful to do something intimidating. As I drove to the gym today, I thought of all the women I know who have had to fight cancer. Most have beat it, but not all. If they can do that – I can do this. I draw strength from them and I thank God for allowing it to flow between us. Mind over matter.
And just in case you are wondering, it was a little tricky to take a picture of my new bicep with my iPhone. But I’m so darn proud of it! Paul says that I paid for it so I shouldn’t be surprised. But he’s a guy and guy’s take biceps for granted. For a middle-aged chick, it’s not bad. Just wait. I still have a nice layer of abdominal fat to lose before I can show you my six-pack. 😉
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