Two weeks from tomorrow I’ll do my first 5K! OK, since my last blog, I’ve been able to run on the treadmill a little better. Maybe I just needed to give myself permission to NOT run the whole race so that I could relax. At one point during a treadmill run this week, I looked at the bodybugg and saw that I was burning 19 calories per min – what?? I thought it was broken. The next work out got up to 17 cal/min. I really don’t care if I run but I really DO care about getting a burn rate that high. So, I’m back into it.

Worked out with Adam today. A wickedly good workout. And I’m proud of myself for being able to do it. I completed all the tasks, but I felt clumsy and unsure of myself. I will be better the next time I do them. Relay #1 – run as fast as I could diagonally across half the basketball court carrying plates over my head. I put the plates down on the other side in a pile. Started light and went up to a 45-pound plate. If the weight was too heavy, I could hold it in front of me instead of over my head. Run them all over, then run them all back. Rest for a minute. I think I was supposed to do that three times, but guys came in to play basketball, so I got a reprieve after two sets. During one rest break, Adam explained to me that my heart rate isn’t really as high as my monitor said it was… something about blood pooling in places and the heart working differently… I don’t remember exactly. I was too busy trying to catch my breath. I was happy to listen as long as he wanted to talk because I wasn’t running.
Relay#2 had three parts. The first two parts were OK, jumping up and down off a bench and lifting plates over my head and then touching the floor as fast as I could, but the last part was a killer. I had to go up and down a flight of stairs with a barbell that increased in weight. I had to take two steps at a time going up, take each step going down. 1 trip with the lightest weight, 2 trips the next time, then 3 trips with the heaviest weight.
Since my calves were probably the last body part that wasn’t sore from this week’s workouts, Adam had me work those. Then, my new favorite part – stretching. At one point when he was stretching me, I slipped into a meditative state. I went to my “happy place” and felt stress evaporate.
I know I’m making some terrible faces and noises when I do this stuff with the trainer. It occurred to me today that if anyone was new to the club and watched what Adam makes me do, they would never get personal training. He said he’s aware of that, too. I bet he saves the really brutal stuff for days like today when only the hard core people are working out. I am proud to report that I have yet to throw up during a workout. I have no delusions about the fact that if he wanted to push me that hard, he would. 🙂
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