Good news and bad news. Bad news first.

Trainer Nico is moving out of town. Sadness. I wanted to cry when he told me. I expected that it would happen eventually because he’s a young guy and not quite settled yet. But now is a bad time. I go back to work next week and start teaching classes the week after. When that happens, I’m back to working 60-70 hours a week. And I have a similar teaching schedule to the one I had two years ago that damn near killed me – ok, that’s a little dramatic, but I got really sick that year. High blood pressure, sleep issues, big weight gain, etc. All stress related. I purposely had this training thing set up so that the relationship and routine would be established when school started.

I heard a teacher quit at my school because the job was overwhelming. I realize now that working like I used to work is counter-productive. I’m not a good teacher if I’m sick. I just didn’t know how sick I was and I never want to go back to that. And I’m certainly not a good role model about overcoming obstacles if I run myself into the ground. I’m not the same person I was two years ago. I’m pretty committed to what I’m doing. I have some ideas about things I can do differently in my teaching practice to be more efficient and cut back on the time I need to spend doing teacher things.
But it’s hard to lose the second mentor this year. It couldn’t be helped. God bless them on their journeys and I know He will provide another mentor for me, too. Nico will arrange for another trainer at the same gym to work with me and I’m sure that will be fine. I have a feeling that something/someone else will come into my life to help me on the next phase of this journey. Things happen for reasons.
The good news? I lost another percent of body fat. That’s a total of 5% this summer. Weight hasn’t changed a lot so that means I’m building muscle. I’m starting to notice changes in how I look and how I move. Nico says that’s all the core/functional exercises. Those darn planks are effective! Dropped another jeans size, too. Sweet.
Sometimes it seems trivial or self-indulgent to be thinking about bodyfat percentages, workouts, and calories. But it’s about more than how I look. It’s helping me deal with life stress, work stress, and menopause. But all of this has a spiritual component to it, too. The workouts have become like meditation for me. Sometimes prayer – especially when I’m listening to gospel music during a cardio actvity. I’m not sure how to articulate it, so I won’t write too much about that now. But I need to reflect on itand write about it sometime later.
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