Loving this new phase in my weight training!! I had a great chest/triceps workout this morning. Nico is picking exercises in pairs – one is a traditional free weights exercise and the second works the same muscle group but is done with swiss ball, bosu ball, etc. Supersetting with 30 seconds of rest in between. There are three or four combinations like that for each muscle group. Wow. That’s all I can say. I start strong and am exhausted by the end.

I had lots of energy this morning, too, so I pushed it. We met a little later than usual, so I got plenty of sleep and had a good breakfast. I mentally prepared for it last night by watching some interview clips of Tosca on YouTube. Googled some bodybuilding pics, too.
After ripping up my chest and tricep muscles, Nico wanted me to do a little “cardio”. He hands me two 10 pound dumbbells and makes me jump around like hopscotch for a couple of minutes. Heart rate goes up to 141 bpm. Then, two planks on the bosu, flat side up. There is no jumping or moving in the plank but my heart rate jumped up to 171 bmp!!! What the??? I knew planks were intense, but this was the first time I had my heart rate monitor on when doing them. Holy cow! (The picture isn’t me, but that’s the exercise I’m talking about.)
Then I was on my own for the rest of my cardio. I jumped on the stair master for another 20 min. I’ve used the stair master a lot in the last couple of weeks and it’s getting easier. I’m such a klutz and worry about tripping on it. Today, the speed that used to be “a little too fast” felt good and I was able to do it without my heart racing. I don’t use the armrests to support my weight, but I do keep my hands on them most of the time for balance – again, the klutz factor. That machine is hard and when I get tired I might fall off of it.
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