I haven’t blogged in awhile – been pretty busy. I’ve had a few rough days with my program. Sometimes I have trouble sleeping and then the 7 am workouts with trainer are tough. But today, I feel like I’m finally fully back into it after that week I was out of town in July. Food is still pretty clean. That’s a habit now. I did eat pizza once a couple of weeks ago. I felt sick the next day. Like a food-hangover. Tosca Reno has a Facebook page and she asked everyone about how they felt when they ate non-clean food. Most people had the same response as me. I think the body chemistry must change when you eat clean.

I’m putting my classroom back together and moving stuff around. It felt easier to lift and move things this year so I know my core is stronger. I’m starting to see some muscle definition in my back. Nico (trainer) said he saw a change in definition in my legs.

Nico has changed my workouts to what he called “phase 2”. I’m supersetting stability exercises with traditional free weight exercises. For example, I’ll do a set of dumbell incline bench presses followed by a set of swissball dumbbell chest presses. He also had me to a cardio/weight workout once last week. Wow. That was a calorie burner! Last Wednesday, he tried to get me to do a plank off a swiss ball. I couldn’t do it. I can do the plank on the floor and on the bosu ball, but the swiss ball is pretty advanced for me right now. New goal. I would never do these kinds of exercises or push myself this hard on my own. Training is very effective!

Two years from now, August 2012, I’ll be in competition form. That’s the plan. I’m toying with the idea of becoming a personal trainer then, too. I’d be in my 50’s at that point. Don’t see too many trainers that old. There are so many women my age (myself included) who buy into the “slow-metobolism”, “menopause” messages about losing weight and getting fit. I think the reality is that women my age are just BUSY and TIRED. I wouldn’t be doing this stuff right now without the support I’ve received in the last year. Support and accountability. For a few months last winter I was on my own and it was really hard to keep going. I had to add Nico to my team to get going again. Coaches and bodybugg hold me accountable.

However, I’m not making much progress with the training for running. Got new running shoes and insoles. Maybe that’s progress.

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