Tough week for fitness. I was out of town at a conference. Food was tricky. Breakfast and lunch were included each day. I packed a cooler with my own clean food for dinner. It took a couple of days to find clean food for breakfast and lunch. After a couple of days of being “compliant” and eating food as they prepared it, I was feeling kind of sick. By the third day, I started asking for things to be made the way I wanted and that helped.

The hotel’s “fitness room” was basically a closet with three cardio machines. Like the photo only no TV. Sad. Luckily there was a 24 Hr Fitness about a mile away that I could use since I belong to that gym at home. It was a beautiful gym so I was highly motivated to get up out of the uncomfy hotel bed and get to the gym every morning by 5:30 am. I only did cardio. Felt a little weak so I didn’t try to do the exercises Nico wanted me to do. My hotel roommate was very patient and kind about me getting up that early. I tried to be quiet, but I’m sure I woke her a few times.

Because I had a hard time sleeping so I was getting run down after a few days. I’ve noticed that in the last few years as I’ve hit my upper 40’s, I need more sleep. Working out everyday requires more sleep, too. I was quite the party-pooper about going out in the evenings. Part of that was to avoid unhealthy food choices, but most of it was just because I was exhausted. I needed to get to bed early because I needed to get those gym workouts. It would seem that this lifestyle has become ingrained now. There doesn’t seem to be much that will knock me off my program other than getting sick.

My goal for the week was to maintain, but I expected that I might gain since it was a hard week to stay on program. Turns out I lost 0.8 pounds. Not a ton, but I’ll take it and I’m pleased to see the loss. According to my personal digital scale that can measure bodyfat, I lost a little of that. I suppose hiking around a college campus with a heavy backpack counts for something.

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