Last week was a mixed bag with respect to successes. My workouts were great! The functional/stability exercises Nico has me doing are working. I feel stronger and I think I can see some changes in my appearance. Very slight flattening in the tummy area. The exercises are challenging and I’m pushing myself to just do them a little better each time. I did three sets of bosu ball squats by myself yesterday. The hard kind with the flat side up. That was cool.

Food consumption was mostly clean, but I had a couple of days when I just ate too much. Looking at the whole week, my average daily deficit was only 250. I had a couple of big deficit days, but I also had a couple of days when I ate about as much as I burned – or worse – more than that. Because the deficits over that time frame were kind of low, I’m not losing weight. I have one of those scales that measures body fat, too. It’s not the most accurate, but after Nico did my body fat with calipers, I used that scale to measure my body fat on the same day. So I have an idea of how to callibrate the two measurements in my head. I used that scale to check body fat and I don’t think there was much of that last week, either.

Oh well. It’s Monday. A new week. Heck, everyday is a new day! I will do better. I think we have the puppy routine established. The challenge will be getting enough sleep – just like when I’m teaching.

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