I’ve committed myself to PERMANENT weight loss now. Never going back to the old me. Yesterday I took most of my “big clothes” to the Good Shepherd Clothes Closet. One car load went yesterday and another three large bags will go today. (I kept a few pairs of jeans that are one size larger than I am now, but they will go eventually, too.) It’s a big deal for me to get rid of my safety net. I got a little emotional packing them up. Sometimes I was happy, sometimes I was sad. There were things I really liked, but they are too big now. I was also sad to realize that I’ve been too big for a long, long time. But when I was unloading them, I felt great. And it felt good to take them to Good Shepherd. It is located next to the homeless shelter. Women who need new clothes can pick out things for free. Most of the things I donated would be good for office work clothes. I’m praying that they will help some women get a new start. I guess that’s what I’m doing too – a new start. Getting rid of the reminders of how I’ve let myself down in the past. I was on my way to Goodwill, but my husband suggested I take them to the Good Shepherd instead. Smart man.

Yesterday’s burn = 2442… a very good number
Deficit = 234… not so good

What happened? Sugar craving after workout so I got a small dark chocolate Dove bar. 190 calories extra. And a few extra freezer pops after dinner. The sugar craving easily added almost 400 calories to my total. It’s not horrible that I did it, but it is good to do the math so I can compensate over the next few days if I want to get that deficit back on track. I allow myself some dark chocolate every few days. Probably need to cut that back a little.

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