Great day yesterday! Got up early and did cardio at gym – 30 min on treadmill walking/jog intervals and 20 min on elliptical with arms. At home, I still had dog duty and I started cleaning out the spare bedroom/storage room.

Burn = 2618 – BIG burn for me. (Daily goal is 2300. I didn’t watch it much yesterday, so this was a surprise.)
Deficit = 790!!! (Daily goal is 500)

Almost all food yesterday was clean. The bodybugg site keeps track of nutrients and yesterday’s results were interesting. I’m supposed to eat 90 grams of protein – I had 133 grams. My total fat allowance is 49 grams – I ate 23 grams. Can’t do that everyday – it was too low. Only 12% of my calories yesterday were from fat. It is supposed to be 25%. But I was happy to see how I was able to get all that protein without the fat. It came from my after-workout protein shake, canned salmon in a sandwich at lunch, egg whites, chicken breast at dinner (skinless), greek yogurt, and low fat milk. I ate 6 times and made sure I had some protein and carbs each time. Today, I think I’ll add a serving of almonds or cashews to up the fat. How bizzare is that? I have to plan to RAISE my fat intake!!

Haven’t worked out yet today. I’ve got a car load of stuff to donate to Goodwill this afternoon, which is right by the gym. Paul and I were planning to go to a cycle class early this morning, but that didn’t happen. Dogs disrupted sleep last night so getting up and out by 5 am didn’t work. We’ll try again on Friday morning.

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