Interesting and challenging workout this morning! Nico has me doing stability exercises to strengthen my core so when I start doing traditional squats in a couple of weeks, I won’t hurt myself. I did squats on a bosu ball (see picture) with the flat side down and today was the second time I’ve ever done that. Then Nico flips the bosu ball over and tells me to stand on it and do squats again. Holy cow! I couldn’t do squats because I couldn’t balance on that darn thing. Something to work towards, I guess.

I think I’m getting better at the dreaded plank exercise. It still hurts – in a good way.

Last exercise of the day was the strangest. I’m told to put on this device that has two ankle wraps connected with a rubber tube. Weird. (And probably multifunctional if you have a dirty mind.) I then have to take big steps sideways while doing a combo bicep curl/military press with dumbells. Awkward! But that’s OK. Can’t hurt, right?

New puppy, Tippy, means I’ve got some babysitting to do this summer. A change in workout schedule is necessary. I think I’ll be hitting the gym early in the morning so I can be home before Paul needs to start working. Not sure how that’s going to work. Cuts into the morning cuddle time with the pack (Paul, Dakota, Peanut, & now Tippy.)

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