The last couple of days have been busy and stressful. I’ve managed to keep up with the routine anyway, but it reminds me as to why I’ve fallen off before. I feel guilty for taking the time to workout at the gym and/or work in my classroom when I could be doing more at home. Thing is, I will get to the chores – eventually – but in the past when I didn’t take care of myself, I ended up 50 pounds overweight, on blood-pressure meds, and stressed out. And the kitchen still got dirty and the weeds still grew. I’m trivializing the events of the last 24 hours a little bit, but I hope you get the point. Life happens when we’re busy making other plans. I think I will reschedule a dentist appointment and a vet appointment to lighten up the next couple of days.

Yesterday was a good day for my program. I think Nico had me do about 1000 ball squats. (Exaggerating- it was 80) And I did the dreaded Plank a couple of times and it was slightly easier than the first day. Ended up with a good overall workout followed about 40 minutes of cardio on an elliptical machine. That, plus the normal activities of the day, got me to the burn goal.

Total burn yesterday = 2353 calories
Deficit = 575

Over the last week, the average daily deficit has been 411 calories. Not the 500 I was hoping for, but it’s pretty good. It’s been a lot harder to hit the daily 2300 burn goal than I thought it would be. It was easier when I was 40 pounds heavier. Poor Peanut had to go on an extra walk the other night because Mommy needed another 100 calories!

Total weight lost this week = 3.4 pounds. Assuming that wasn’t muscle, I’m pleased. Remember – at first I’ll be losing the 8 pounds I gained since March. After that, it’s going to get harder.

Time to pay some bills, walk dogs, and clean classroom. Not sure when I’m working out today, but I will.

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