Had to do two cardios yesterday to get the 2300 calorie burn:
Walked 5k in the morning (50 min) = 417 calories
Stationary bike in the evening (60 min) = 161 calories

Obviously, using the stationary bike is NOT going to be my main source of cardio. It burned slightly more calories than sitting on the couch. But it did push me to the goal…

Total burn for day = 2296 (That number is from the bugg upload to the website. My wrist monitor says I hit 2316 at midnight, so the bugg must have rolled some burnt calories over to the next day. Yes, I’m anal. Duh. I’m a math teacher.)
Total deficit = 289

Last night the bodybugg site was down for maintenance, so I couldn’t log food. I ended up eating a little more than I should have. It’s all good. Had a big burn the day before. My daily average deficit for the last 4 days is 461. A couple of days a little over 500 and I’ll be right on track.

Today is a rest day. Reading, napping, cross-stitch? Not sure yet. I don’t think Koda is going to let me skip the dog walk.* Got to do a little yard work, but napping seems like a good idea. 🙂

*Hubby just took Koda out. Thank you!!

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