A year ago today I activated the bugg. On that day I weighed 192 lbs and body fat was 44%. Today I weigh 159 and body fat is 35%. Obviously I’m not done, but I’m happy that I was able to turn this thing around before I got sicker. An emergency room visit in March of 2009 for what could have been a heart attack scared me enough to quit making excuses and spend a little money to get a gadget that will modify my behavior. (It was an anxiety attack, but they were glad I came in considering I was overweight and had high blood pressure.) I was taken off blood pressure meds in Nov 2009 after being on them for a couple of years. That doctor visit was fun. She just stared at me, smiled, and said “no one comes off blood pressure meds.” tee hee – I DID!!! And exercise has become my anxiety drug. I get pretty ornery if I miss a couple of workouts!

Yesterday’s numbers were great:
Burn number = 2379 calories (goal is 2300)
Deficit = 633 calories (this was too high, but I was out of the house a lot yesterday – and I really didn’t get super hungry.)

I suspected that to hit the burn goal I would need to workout in the morning so I would burn faster all day and that turned out to be true. All cardio workouts until Monday when I meet with Nico again. I walked 5k this morning. Kept my heart rate around 60% like I’ve been told to do. Still a good workout. Still planning to RUN the Race for the Cure in October. The whole thing – no walking. I’ll be a little pink speed racer!

Stretching is something I don’t do, but need to do. When I got back from my walk I popped in a stretching DVD. It was a little weird. So I plopped down on the floor and did some stretches I probably learned in gym class in high school – with Peanut (little dog) jumping all over me. Then Dakota (big dog) started barking because the little dog annoyed him. Fun times.

So far today, food has been all clean. Replaced a freezer pop after lunch with 10 cherries. Freezer pop = 50 calories from sugar and enough chemicals to embalm a mouse. 10 cherries = 36 calories and nothing but God’s love through sunshine and rain.

(image via:deniseskitchen)

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