The view from my favorite treadmill at the gym.

Met with my new trainer for the first time this morning. Nico – good name for a trainer, huh? The first 4 weeks will be doing exercises with dumbbells and a stability ball. I don’t normally like those kinds of exercises, but it was a good workout. I was a little wobbly after. And then Nico says “I want you to do cardio at 60% max heart rate.” What? I’ve been maxing it for a couple months now. Ok, ok – I’ll do it his way. I walked on the treadmill for 45 minutes and had a fun email conversation with my cheerleader on the East coast.

I’m feeling a little weird about getting a trainer, but I think I need the extra help if I’m going to do this thing effectively. He seems to know what he’s doing in general, but he seems young enough to have been one of my students a few years ago. I hope he will kick my butt. 🙂

Left the gym and bought some seriously healthy food for me and hubby. Even got some bee pollen. Read something in the Eat Clean book last night that used bee pollen. Isn’t bee pollen also used for allergies?

I’m going to get some “before” and current pics up here soon I can make a visual record of my progress.

If you are reading this, thank you! I can already tell that just having a few people following my blog is motivating me to get up and get moving. It’s kind of a “Julie and Julia” sort of thing.

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