This is my first blog post!  If you’d like to read about my journey as I experienced it, this is where you start!   (I’m not patient enough for something like that, but many people have read the whole thing in order.  That’s impressive!)

From here, use the “Archives” option in the side bar.  Start with June 2010.

Goal 1: Run (not run/walk, but RUN) a 5k this October. It will be the Race for the Cure. I want to do this to honor my friends who have fought cancer. I also do this because I’m a little afraid of it and want to push myself to be in the best physical shape I can be in at my age.

Goal 2: Participate in a bodybuilding or fitness competition the summer of my 50th year on the planet. I’ve got two years to prepare. LOTS of things to fear about this one. Many obstacles. But I’ve always wanted to do this. I know I can train for it even if a 50 yr old woman doesn’t stand a chance.

This week, I started posting my calorie burn info on Facebook. Today, I decided that might just bore and/or annoy my friends, so I decided to try blogging instead. These goals scare and intimidate me a little. Posting my progress will help me stay focused. Math scared and intimidated me a little, too, and now I teach calculus. Once I set a plan in motion, I usually follow through. This fitness one will be hard. Lots of reasons to fail.

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