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Are you ready to get healthier?

Are you ready to get fit & stay fit?

Are you ready to stop quitting? 

What Do YOU Need?

Just a program sent to your inbox?

Or do you need support, encouragementand education?


Do you want to feel EMPOWERED to improve your health and well-being?

Weekly Live Coaching Sessions Will Help You…

  • establish healthy habits

  • feel supported during entire process

  • stay on track when not motivated

I think the biggest thing Tammy gives me isn’t an eating plan or a lifting plan or even a well-timed kick in the pants when I need it. It’s hope. Hope that it’s not too late for me. Hope that, even if I’m starting at zero, I’ll get results if I work hard. And for the very first time in my life, I believe it.


Meet Coach Tammy...

Hi!  I’m Tammy White.  After years of work stress as a high school teacher, plus several failed weight loss attempts, I was at my heaviest weight and unhealthy at age 47.  When the doctors said “change or die early”, I listened.  Along the way, I decided to chase a dream and competed as a bodybuilder at age 50.  I’m still competing.  Earned my NASM Personal Training and Fitness Nutrition Certifications while still teaching. Now that I’m a retired teacher, I’m using what I’ve learned to help people make healthy and sustainable changes in their lives.  

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